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Every business is unique. Every SEO strategy from SEO My Site is uniquely crafted to your business.

SEO is a digital art form but there’s no painting by numbers here – only data-driven, bespoke SEO work designed to drive online growth for your business. 

Popular SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit

Just like cars, websites can develop some mechanical problems. Websites need technical TLC - especially the older ones. A technical SEO audit is the website equivalent of getting a mechanical health check, service and tune-up.

Domain Migrations

Rebranding, or moving your site to a new web address seems simple, but it carries high SEO risk. An SEO domain migration mitigates that risk whilst simultaneously improving your site to help it perform even better in its new location. I have extensive experience at migrating multi-million page websites, either as brand consolidations, rebrands and acquisitions.

International SEO

Expanding into overseas markets is a great way to grow your business. Optimising a website for global success is a complex procedure - setting the right foundations is incredibly important if you want sustained growth internationally. I have nearly ten year's experience optimising & managing global websites for leading brands.

Penalty Recovery

Computer programs called algorithms decide where your website ranks. Occasionally an algorithm update causes your Google traffic to drop. It's not possible to pick up the phone to Google, so you need an SEO expert to analyse your site and its data. Penalty recovery activity will look at your site to understand the complex combination of SEO signals which could have caused Google to reduce your traffic and identify the remedial action needed to get you back on track.

Keyword Research

Unlike researching topics and themes, keyword research looks at how your customers phrase the searches they enter into Google so you can make sure you're using the right words and phrases on the right parts of your site to attract the right customer at the right time! The traffic hitting your site is more qualified, helping your website contribute more revenue to your business.

Topic Discovery & Gap Analysis

Spanning the breadth of your website, the content audit will seek to uncover opportunities for you to reach new customers and become more competitive in search engine results. The audit searches for gaps between your content and that of your competitors, and for traffic-rich topics you're not tapping in to.

Mobile Friendly SEO

More than 65% of all Google searches are conducted via a mobile device. Google dislikes referring its users to websites which offer a poor user experience when viewed on a mobile device. Unless your website is easy to use and has the necessary technical configurations your website will not be capturing maximum revenue.

Google Data Studio

Gain better insights with custom Google Data Studio reports. This powerful tool supports advanced data manipulation, allowing you to view your data in the best way for your business, and make sure your finger is on the pulse at all times. I have extensive experience with Google Data Studio

SEO Training

If your business relies upon its website then a basic knowledge of SEO is essential. From learning SEO jargon to knowing how to leverage your business network for SEO value, or how to use important tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console; SEO training can help you take your SEO to the next level. I've got extensive experience helping people of all skill sets and roles understand and contribute to SEO efforts, from sales reps to customer service, marketing to developers and web designers.

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A personalised SEO strategy is a critical foundation for long-term growth, it must support your business objectives

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